Qualified Environmental Professional | QEP 

Qualified Environmental Professional | QEP

What is a QEP?

A Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) is an applied scientist or technologist registered with a professional organization enabled under an Act, who must follow a code of ethics issued by the professional organization, and can be subject to desciplinary action by the organization (1). For example, a Registered Professional Biologist "RPBio" is registered with the College of Applied Biology enacted under the College of Applied Biology Act (2), must follow a code of ethics (3) and is subject to disciplination action (4); therefore an RPBio is a QEP (1).

Areas of Expertise

QEP is a broad term; a QEP must be acting within their area of expertise and therefore a project may require several QEPs (8). The Riparian Areas Regulation is a good example; a list of skill sets are documented in the RAR methods that each QEP must have to perform each task of the assessment (7).

Where to find a QEP

  • BC QEP list.
  • Balanced Environmental Services Inc..
  • Foreshore Technologies Inc..
  • Integrated Planning and Consulting Ltd..
  • Sea Force Consulting Ltd..


  • Riparian Areas Regulation - Vancouver Island Univsersity (5).
  • Erosion and Sediment Control - Vancouver Island Univsersity (9).
  • Danger Tree Assessment - University of Northern British Columbia (10).
  • Registered Professional Biologist Application - College of Applied Biology (6).


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